Binayak Kuikel

Binayak Kuikel || Youtuber - Why So Offended || Mero2Paisa - Nepali Podcast || Ep 33

Binayak Kuikel

Binayak Kuikel is one of the famous Youtube artists in Nepal who runs a YouTube channel ‘Why So Offended?’. He is also the content writer of a popular channel ‘Paradygm Tv’ whose speciality in video production and contents is appealing to the youngsters . Recently, He was appointed as the content writer of Nepal’s first comedy reality show Comedy Champion.

Binayak Kuikel || Youtuber – Why So Offended || Mero2Paisa – Nepali Podcast || Ep 33

Binayak kuikel is a young, creative and famous Nepali YouTuber. His youtube videos contain information, news, politics with the sprinkle of sarcasm which makes his video fun to watch. There are also lots of characters in is a video in which “WEED BRO” and “SAVAGE BRO” are the most famous ones. Currently, at the time of writing this blog, he has around 71k subscribers and hopefully he will reach 100k milestone really soon.

“There goes a lots of hardwork and research before i make my videos” he says “My YouTube channel name is WHY SO OFFENDED because i think we Nepalese people get offended without any reason.”

To know the whole story please watch podcast below where he talks about how to became what he is right now.

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Binayak Kuikel known for his youtube channel: Why so offended. He along with the host : Aashish Adhikari get into a conversation where they talk about Binayak’s aspirations for comedy and the genre he pursues. He shares how he started and what and how got him going on in comedy, and how he got his witty sense of humour. Aashish and Binayak take the conversation and dwell into varieties of subjects and talk about the entrepreneurial spirit of the guest, his experience in the jobs he has done so far, the mentality and perception of the society regarding comedy and many more. Listen to the full podcast, enjoy and learn.

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