Watsal Rajbhandari

Watsal Rajbhandari || CEO & Founder at Dochaa Shoes || Mero2Paisa - Nepali Podcast || Ep 43

Watsal Rajbhandari

Watsal Rajbhandari is a versatile young entrepreneur in Nepal. He is a co-founder: devising wizard of DOCHAA, partner with Mirana global pvt.ltd., business development executive of Everest film academy, operation, and finance coordinator of ujyalo foundation, managing director of dexter paintball Entertainment Pvt Ltd. He firstly pursued his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and then he chased his ambition of management graduating in BBA and MBA.


Dochaa is a shoe manufacturing company that infuses traditional fabrics and modern design to bridge the gap of culture, art, and colors with contemporary youth trends. Dochaa envisions a business that helps in preserving culture, arts, and traditions while providing ranges of trendy shoes to its customers and empowering the community along the way.

Watsal Rajbhandari || CEO & Founder at Dochaa Shoes || Mero2Paisa – Nepali Podcast || Ep 43

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Watsal Rajbhandari, Founder and CEO of Dochaa Shoes. In this episode, the guest shares his experience of his first business venture, Dexter Paintball talking about how he and his then partners started the venture and what kind of experiences they gathered. He shares some of the interesting incidents and stories that happened during that period of time. The host – Chhitiz and Watsal dwell into a conversation about the mindset of any founder regarding building a team and communicating the ideas to the team. Watsal shares more of his amazing and interesting stories and opinions throughout this podcast.

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