Sunil Dev Panta

Sunil Dev panta , Ugrakarma band

Sunil Dev Panta

Sunil Dev Panta, the frontman of the death metal band Ugrakarma.  

Ugra karma band

Ugra Karma is an old school death metal from the nation of Himalayan, Nepal and is the one responsible for starting the Death Metal movement in the country. It is the first death metal band of Nepal which started in 1999 and released their demo “Himalayan Metal of Death” in 2000. The band split-up in late 2002 and again reformed in 2012.

Sunil Dev Panta is the frontman of one of the first death metal bands of Nepal, “URGAKARMA”. It was established in 1999 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Being the first person to start a new thing it was quite a struggle for him.

Band Members of Urgakarma are Sunil Dev Pant (growls, barks, grunts and distorted bass) Prateek Raj Neupane (guitar, growls and screeches) Bijay Shrestha (bass and growls) Bikram Shrestha (drums).

To know more about him and his band please watch the podcast below to know more about him.

Stepping into a different subject of conversation than our regular entrepreneurship genre, we have Sunil Dev Panta, the frontman of the death metal band Ugrakarma in our podcast. The host Aashish Adhikari and the guest talk about the metal culture in Nepal, creativity and the youth mindset. The duo dive into conversation about how people perceive the appearance, taste of music and the lifestyle of rock musicians in Nepal and how the perception is changing with time. Listen to the full podcast to learn more about the badass rockstar.

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