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Sixit Bhatta | Tootle - CEO/Co-Founder | Mero 2 Paisa - Nepali Podcast | Ep 60

Sixit Bhatta

Sixit Bhatta Sixit Bhatta is an entrepreneur, CEO at tootle, the ridesharing application from Nepal. He has pursued his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kathmandu University and then mastered Business Administration from Pokhara University with a gold medal awarded for educational excellence. He has a work experience of 7 years in United telecom and four years in Nepal Investment Bank. The inability to explore one’s skills working as an employee was a factor that worked as an impetus for his entrepreneurship career. In 2013, He started a company, Three60 Consulting, as a co-founder and then Tootle in 2017. 


Tootle is a ride-sharing platform for two-wheeler owners and people who need a ride. Taking the transportation inconvenience into consideration, Sixit Bhatta with his team members created this app that aims to provide a service to the public that is frustrated with the congested roads and vehicles and is affordable than Taxi. It has established itself as a product that has proven market potential, with strong prospects to reach out to a wider audience and create a global impact that supports the sustainable development goals. It was also recognized as Asia’s most promising startups of 2017.

Sixit Bhatta | Tootle – CEO/Co-Founder | Mero 2 Paisa – Nepali Podcast | Ep 60

Tootle Co-founder & CEO Mr. Sixit Bhatta needs no introduction & is one of the most sought after names in Nepal’s startup scene. In this insightful podcast between these two incredible CEOs, Mr. Sixit reminisces his childhood starting from the very beginning where he talks about being born & brought up in remote far west and coming to capital at a tender age of eight being fascinated seeing the hustle & bustle of the city.

They dwell deep into how he went from being an engineer & gold medalist MBA graduate to working in telecom & then finally leaving all this to start the revolutionary company TOOTLE which went on to commence a completely different way of commute that brought a huge buzz in Nepal’s startup scenario.

Aashish & Sixit then go on to talk more about entrepreneurship, spirituality, climate change, and whatnot. This podcast turned out to be a masterpiece and a quest for anyone looking out to do something inspirational in this chaotic world.

Enjoy the podcast peeps!!!

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