Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary

Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary || CEO - PROPERTY 360 || Nepali Podcast || Ep 38 - PART 1

Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary

Santosh pradhan Chaudhary is the co-founder and CEO of Property 360, Nepal. He first got into the business with the startup Nepal Derivative Exchange Limited – the largest commodity futures exchange in Nepal and the second self-funded startup is InterContinental Systems. Moreover, he is also the Co-Founder & CEO of Excom.Asia. He started his career as a managing director in Emerging South Asia (P) Ltd. He has experience with all phases of the business venture life cycle, including conceptualization, design, development, leadership, resource management, milestones, business development, market penetration & expansion. He studied computer engineering as his diploma course. He has also been working as a volunteer member of the Bibeksheel Nepali Party for 5 years.

Property 360 Nepal

Property 360 Nepal is a real estate venture that aims to make the real estate market an approachable place for casual property buying and selling entities. Their main goal is to become the go-to place for the solution seekers in the property transaction market. They boast a vast network of realtors to tap into the local market, their fully equipped agents who facilitate your transactions using their network of realtors and a digital marketing approach where our only goal is to make sure that your property reaches potential buyers and sellers through digital media tools.

Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary || CEO – PROPERTY 360 || Nepali Podcast || Ep 38 – PART 1

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary, co-founder of Property 360. In this episode, the conversation between the guest and host- Aashish Adhikari revolves around the life experiences of the guest. Santosh shares how he was when he was a kid. He shares what kind of a student he was. He talks about his relationship with his family. He shares his entrepreneurial experiences; the stories of his successes and failures, his mindset, attitude and his lifestyle. The conversation takes such a momentum that everything couldn’t be covered in this single episode so, the conversation continues in the next episode as well.

Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary || CEO – Property 360 || Mero2Paisa – Nepali Podcast || Ep 38 – Part 2

This episode is the continuation of the last episode of Mero2Paisa. While in the last episode the host Aashish and the guest Santosh talked about the entrepreneurial experience and lifestyle of Santosh, this episode covers a conversation where they talk about the spiritual aspect of life and the importance of spiritual grounding that every individual must have in order to have a meaningful and happy life.

Listen to the full podcast, enjoy and learn.

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