Sachin Timalsena


Sachin Timalsena

Sachin Timalsena is a young and aspiring politician of Nepali Congress. He has started his journey in politics since his young age. While every youth are worried about their career, future and family, he is worried about Nepal and where our country will stand in future. He also wants to change the prospective of youths on politics.

He is President at Human Values for Peace and Prosperity , National Coordinator at Youth Congress Nepal and Former Head, Volunteers’ Engagement at National Volunteering Program

His story must be heard by more youths and support him in his journey.

Sachin Timalsena, a young, dynamic and aspiring individual shares his story with us. The conversation between him and Aashish revolves around the political scenario of past and present Nepal, the mentality of young Nepalese and the entrepreneurial endeavours of Sachin.

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