Ravi Singhal

Ravi Singhal | CEO/Co-Founder - Sarathi Cab & Social Aves | Mero 2 paisa | Nepali Podcast - Ep 50

Ravi Singhal

Ravi Singhal is the young entrepreneur of Nepal who is the co-founder at Sarathi cab and the CEO of Social Aves. Sarathi cab is the mobility solutions offering ride booking, leasing, car, rental, and car-sharing. 

Sarathi Cab

Sarathi cab was established in 2016 by Ravi Singhal with his team members Diwakar Dhungana and Prakash Neupane which is a Nepal’s cab booking service available exclusively 24*7. It was awarded as the Best Startup of 2018. The tech-based company is the mobility solutions offering ride booking, leasing, rental, and sharing. It is creating job opportunities for a range of service providers by blending traditional providers with the modern market model to disrupt the industry. They have started this company with a vision to build the technology-driven transportation management service which partners with different players of the ecosystem to bring a diversified revenue stream ensuring economic stability, sustainable development, and profitable growth.

Social aves pvt.ltd.

Social Aves is a social media marketing agency for businesses and organizations which is located in Kathmandu. The company was founded in early 2012 by a group of IT enthusiasts, who were motivated by the power of social media, to change the marketing scenario of Nepal through the social network. It works with all kinds of businesses to facilitate their growth, using social media platforms(such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, youtube, google plus, etc). The main goal of social Aves is to help businesses maintain their exposure through online marketing, providing complete and smart technological marketing solutions to business enterprises, which will ultimately help them grow and expand.

Ravi Singhal | CEO/Co-Founder – Sarathi Cab & Social Aves | Mero 2 paisa | Nepali Podcast – Ep 50

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Ravi Singhal, CEO at Social Aves and co-founder at Sarathi Cab. Here, he talks about how he started his entrepreneurial journey. He started early in his college days and has had a fair amount of experience in the entrepreneurial lifestyle which he shares in this episode. He talks about the importance of education versus the importance of experience and skills and how they shape one’s success in life. He talks about his failures and successes and what they have taught him so far. He explains why more failure stories must be promoted in media and academics as one can learn a lot from such stories. Talking about being a leader, he confesses that being at the top gives you a lot of responsibilities to fulfill and also how lonely it is to have no one above you in the hierarchy. Later, dabbing into spirituality as the conversation flows, he shares his views on his personal take on spirituality and in the end, he gives his share of wisdom to the audience in a single sentence.

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