Santosh Pandey

Offering Happiness | Santosh Pandey | Mero 2 Paisa - Nepali podcast | Ep - 58

Santosh Pandey

Santosh Pandey,  the young entrepreneur of Nepal is a cofounder of Offering Happiness which is a surprise event planning company. He started working at a young age, during his high school days, as a social activist and also established an organization ‘Change Bhaktapur’. .He is also a social activist engaged in Hami Nepali as a campaigner, founder and president at Change Bhaktapur, the former coordinator at U.S. Embassy Youth Council Nepal and a former program director at We Inspire Nepal. He is a student of development studies.

Offering happiness

Offering happiness is a surprise planner that sells gifts, gift ideas and prepares arrangements for celebrations. It was started by college mates of nation development studies with the basic ideas of a one-step solution for gifts. It is an award-winning ‘Surprise planner’ in Nepal having delivered more than 10,000 gifts and experiences since 2017. It has connected customers with almost 500 unique experiences & gift hampers. It was also awarded Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards (GSEA) Nepal 2019.

Offering Happiness | Santosh Pandey | Mero 2 Paisa – Nepali podcast | Ep – 58

On this Episode of Mero 2 Paisa, we have Santosh Pandey, Co-founder of Offering Happiness and the conversation between him and the host Aashish Adhikari covers the experiences of Santosh of translating ideas into reality, starting up and figuring out the what’s, why’s and how’s of entrepreneurship. This episode will definitely help a lot of young people who aspire to have their own business as the young entrepreneur shares his learnings. Listen to the full podcast, learn and enjoy.

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