Nawang Sherpa

Mero 2 Paisa with Nawang Sherpa || Teach For Nepal || Nepali Podcast - Ep 37

Nawang Sherpa

Nawang Sherpa is the fundraising officer of Teach For Nepal. He has a long history of working in the education sector. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in art (BA) focusing on social work and psychology & then MBA Entrepreneurship. He works as a volunteer in Anubhuti International, as a team leader in a Sexual and Gender Minorities Student forum Nepal and is a  Council Member of the United States youth council. He organized the first social event in Xavier International college to raise funds for Maryknoll(Asha deep), Navajyoti and Children Affected by Aids(CABAs).

Teach for Nepal

Teach for Nepal is a national movement of outstanding university graduates and young professionals of Nepal that are dedicated to end educational inequity and provide quality education to all the children in Nepal. Their core vision is reflected by the slogan ‘One day, all children in Nepal will receive an excellent education.’

Mero 2 Paisa with Nawang Sherpa || Teach For Nepal || Nepali Podcast – Ep 37

This episode of Mero2Piasa features Nawang Sherpa from Teach For Nepal. In this episode he discusses the status of the education system in Nepal the status of Nepalese school students. He shares his stories of working as a teacher in a remote village of Lalitpur and how it changed his mentality and perspective on life and education. He and the host, Aashish talk about how Teach For Nepal is making an impact in the society by making efforts to uplift the teaching procedure in the school system of Nepal and also they talk about how working as a teacher for Teach For Nepal can help people be grounded, make them humble and make them feel that they have contributed something of value to the society.

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