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Bilal Ahmed

Bilal Ahmed is the CEO and Founder of Latido Leathers . He is also the co founder of Strtoped. He has achieved so much success which is rare for others of his age. Since childhood Bilal Ahmed Shah was fascinated with leather jackets as his father had leather jacket factory. He dropped out of college in the midst of his engineering studies in India and  decided to chose the path of entrepreneurship. So he reopened his father’s shop and decided to go with complete re-branding.

After he reopened his fathers shop there were also some arguments with his family as well. He had lots of up’s and down’s but he never gave up but improved his mistake. Because of all those mistakes he had made previously he was always improving and getting near to his goal. Now he has finally made latido leathers a premium brand.

watch the podcast below to know more about him and how he tackled the problems that got into his way.

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Bilal Ahmed Shah, the CEO of Latido Leathers. In this episode, the host-Aashish and the guest-Bilal dive into a conversation on how Bilal turned into an entrepreneur after being a college drop-out. Bilal shares what he truly believes entrepreneurship is and how the media is portraying the entrepreneurs and the meaning of entrepreneurship. He also shares is views on bringing investments into a company. This duo has made this episode an interesting conversation ; they talk about being a leader, mind of a leader, thought processes of the mind of a leader, building a team, family, importance of communicating your ideas with your supporters and guardians and many more.

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