Ghumante | Nepali Traveler & Vlogger | Nepali Podcast - Ep - 61


Kanchan Rai is the founder of Ghumante, a network of travel enthusiasts, photographers and videographers sharing their stories of travels. He is a UX Web Developer and has more than eight years of experience in the field. He started his career as a Web designer in Wserve, ServingMinds and also established a company, Nurkan BPO, as a Co-founder in 2012. He has a work experience of more than 3 years from companies in Bangkok as a Frontend and UX developer. He pursued his Higher Secondary Education from British Gurkha College. 


Ghumante is a band of travelers, photographers, and videographers that share the story of their adventurous trip through their photos and videos. With the love for travel, Kanchan Rai and his friends created a website to post their travel diaries hoping it could fund their future tours. This later became a platform to connect enthusiastic travelers to share their stories. The team now includes avid individuals like content creator Khem Bahadur Chettri and photographer Rishav Adhikari. Ghumantes has already traveled 65 districts of Nepal and is aiming to reach all the 77 districts. 

Ghumante | Nepali Traveler & Vlogger | Nepali Podcast – Ep – 61

On this Episode of Mero 2 Paisa, we have Mr. Kanchan Rai, Mr. Khim Bahadur Chhetri and Mr. Rishav Adhikari from the team Ghumante joining our host Mr. Aashish Adhikari. Everyone in the podcast is an avid traveler so the podcast takes off with the guests sharing why they travel. The conversation instantly becomes really interesting as the guests start sharing their thoughts on traveling along with their experiences and stories. The conversation includes various stories and experiences that the guests have faced while living life as travelers and adventure seekers. This podcast will surely make you want to go travel.

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