Faija Parween

Faija Parween

Faija Parween

Faija Parween is the founder of Open Space Network. she is also working as Womenwill Lead for Google Business Group Kathmandu. She is also trying to break the stereotype about Muslim women and how they are seen in the society and how we as a woman can make a difference in the society.

Parween was hardworking person since her childhood. She first started working at the age of 17. As she was born in Typical Nepali Family she did CA so that she could have a occupation but shortly she discovered that she didn’t liked CA but liked event Management.

So she established Open Space Network in the year 2017 April 25.OSN focuses on bridging the gap between, “product and product”, “product and people” and “People and people” . OSN encourages young entrepreneurs by creating and developing large scale events such as festivals, markets, conferences and exhibitions to exchange and interact about their products to the people and also she organize event especially for Muslims during EID.

Watch the podcast below to know more about her life and journey.

This podcast features Faija Parween, founder of Open Space Network. In this episode she shares stories of her struggle, inspirations, successes and the entrepreneurial journey she has had so far. She shares how she gets inspiration and motivation from her family and how they support her. This is an amazing conversation between the host and the guest where the listeners can learn alot about starting up early and the reality of being a young entrepreneur. Listen to the full podcast, enjoy and learn.

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