Drishya Gurung

Drishya gurung

Drishya Gurung

Drishya Gurung is an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to create some sort of impact in society. She is just 22 and is doing MBS in st xavier’s. along with her study she is also running an online clothing store BD collection through her instagram page and facebook page. “It doesn’t make me a huge amount of money but is enough for my daily expenses and sometime i even do some saving” she says.

Ashish Adhakari met her during his event “Breakfast With Mentor”. According to Adhakari, he saw a spark of entrepreneurship in her during the event. So after the event he called her for a podcast as she could represent all the aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you are also an aspiring entrepreneurs than watch the podcast below as Adhakari might have answered your question.

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Drishya Gurung who is a mentee of Aashish Adhikari. The Mero2Paisa team has decided to call a few mentees in the podcast so that they can ask Aashish their curiosities and also share their views and opinions regarding various topics. In this episode, Drishya asks Aashish some interesting questions to which he gives some fascinating answers. Listen to the full podcast and enjoy the conversation between the two. If you are aspiring entrepreneur and interested to join in the podcast please mail us at [email protected]

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