Binod Shahi

Binod Shahi || Snow Yak Foundation || Mero 2 Paisa | Nepali Podcast - Ep 47

Binod Shahi

Binod shahi is a social activist who is currently working on upgrading the education system of Nepal. He is known as the ‘Sir of the Himalayas’ and is the founder of a non-profit organization, SnowYak Foundation, initiated with the objective to increase access to quality education in remote parts of Nepal. He has inspired many youths to gain leadership as a teacher and is currently working in Dolpa district, Karnali Province. He was recognized among the top 50 finalists for the 2018 global teacher prize.

SnowYak foundation (SYK)

Snow Yak, a non-government organization, was formally established by Binod Shahi and a group of self-motivated youth in 2014. Following several years of informal activities in Upper Dolpa since 2005, the company started with the objective of providing quality education in Dolpa which was entirely funded by the native Nepalese people. Snow Yak aims to inspire Nepalese youth to be responsible for their nation and help create opportunities even for the least privileged people of the nation. It envisions a future where each child in Dolpa learns to take pride in his/her uniqueness, becomes a well-rounded individual equipped with practical life skills.

Binod Shahi || Snow Yak Foundation || Mero 2 Paisa | Nepali Podcast – Ep 47

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Mr. Binod Shahi from Snow Yak Foundation. Here, he shares how he got into the life he is living right now. He shares how he got the idea of teaching kids living in probably one of the most remote parts of the world. In his conversation with the host Aashish Adhikari, he talks about why he has been selflessly helping the children from Dolpa, Nepal. In pursuit of providing those kids with proper education, he has faced a lot of difficulties and setbacks. He talks about a lot of them. He shares his stories of struggle, accomplishments, satisfaction, failures and some fantastic and equally heartbreaking experiences. This conversation is absolutely motivating as such an inspirational individual shares his mero2paisa with us.

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