Bibhushan Sharma

Mero 2 Paisa with Bibhushan Sharma || Twisting Scoops Nepal || Nepali Podcast - Ep 36

Bibhushan Sharma

Bibhushan Sharma is the founder of Creative Mill. He studied A-levels and BBA from St. Xavier’s Colleges and also did Pre Accelerator in innovation and entrepreneurship from Draper University. He works as a business development manager and he creates an idea for brand awareness. He is a content creator and has 4 years of experience as a video editor.

Creative Mill Company

Creative Mill Company is a company that has a specialty in trading, advertisement and interior design. It brought twisting scoops Turkish ice creams franchise in Nepal.

Mero 2 Paisa with Bibhushan Sharma || Twisting Scoops Nepal || Nepali Podcast – Ep 36

Bibhushan Sharma is a business student and has Master Franchisee of Twisting Scoops an international ice-cream franchise in Nepal. He with his co-founder brought Twisting Scoops to Nepal for the first time. The Turkish ice-cream brand claims to focus both on showmanship and product delicacy. According to him “Consumers will be served ice-cream scoops by performing interesting tricks with the ice-cream scoop and the cone,”

“We don’t need new idea to start the business we can always embrace the existing one.” he says. He is a true believer that buying franchisee is a great idea to start the business as we already have the idea about it.

To learn more about him and to know more about franchisee watch the podcast below.

Bibhushan Sharma is a young entrepreneur who loves to try new things and new ideas. He has started Twisting Scoops Nepal – An Authentic Turkis Ice Cream here in Nepal. This podcast revolve around his journey in business and socio-political things. This is an amazing conversation between the host and the guest where the listeners can learn a lot about starting up early and the reality of being a young entrepreneur. Listen to the full podcast, enjoy and learn.

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