Bassel Shreiqi

Bassel Shreiqi | Taza Restaurant | Mero 2 Paisa | Nepali Podcast - Ep 20

Bassel Shreiqi

Bassel Shreiqi, a Syrian native, is an owner of a restaurant ‘Taza’ in Pulchowk, Kathmandu. He migrated to Nepal with his wife Sangita Lama in 2014 and opened the restaurant which serves Middle Eastern flavor in their dishes.

Bassel Shreiqi | Taza Restaurant | Mero 2 Paisa | Nepali Podcast – Ep 20

Bassel Shreiqi, a Syrian native who has started the first restaurant in Nepal that serves Syrian cuisine. His restaurant “TAZA” located in Pulchowk gained popularity fast for its new delicious cuisine that no one was serving at the time.

TAZA was opened in 2014 after he and his wife Sangita Lama moved to Kathmandu from Dubai. Both of them fell in love while they were working in Dubai.

This couple has also us proved that new idea can do well in already existing market. If you want to know more about him than please watch this podcast where

In this episode, we have Mr. Bassel Shreiqi as our guest. He is a Syrian immigrant who runs a restaurant named Taaza situated at Pulchowk, Kathmandu. Here, he and Aashish talk about the difficulties and circumstances they have faced in the restaurant business. They talk about what it actually takes to start a business and where the drive to make the business running comes from. Watch the full episode, you”ll get to hear some amazing stories and learn a lot.

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