Anup Ghimire

Anup Ghimire | Founder | Viewfinders Production, Comedy Circle | Mero2Paisa - Nepali Podcast | Ep 41

Anup Ghimire

Anup Ghimire is a serial entrepreneur who is the founder of Viewfinders Production, Wedding  Dreams Nepal, co-founder of the comedy circle and The Doers. He started his journey as an artist augmenting his photography and video skills. He is currently a brand consultant and social media strategist. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Multimedia from London Metropolitan University.

Wedding Dreams Nepal

Wedding dreams Nepal is one of Nepal’s most premium wedding management companies with its core expertise around photography and videography. It officially started in 2015 with it’s aim to create a flawless experience of wedding management and photography for the public.

Viewfinders Nepal

Viewfinders is a multimedia company setup which is popular for their unique approach towards photography and videography in Nepal. Their services include social media management, video production, brand & strategic consulting, brand placement, design, and photography.

Anup Ghimire | Founder | Viewfinders Production, Comedy Circle | Mero2Paisa – Nepali Podcast | Ep 41

This episode of Mero2Paisa features Anup Ghimire, founder of Viewfinders Production and the host of The Doers Podcast. In this episode, he shares his idealogy about being creative and being a doer. He starts the conversation by sharing how he goes into photography and how he established Viewfinders Production and as the conversation progresses, more and more interesting and fascinating topics are touched and talked about. He shares how he and his company started Comedy Circle, Wedding Dreams Nepal and now The Doers Podcast. He tells about what keeps him high on energy and hustling. This is an absolutely brilliant conversation between Anup and Aashish.

Listen to the full podcast, enjoy and learn.

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