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Amun Thapa

Amun Thapa is the founder & CEO of Sasto deal which is the pioneer eCommerce platform in Nepal. He is an entrepreneur juggler who is the owner/co-owner of the other four ventures Sasto Book, Irish Pub, Chhahari Production, and Anthropose and is also associated with Khalisisi.

Sasto deal 

Sastodeal is a leading e-commerce company in Nepal. They believe in transparency and honest communication and therefore have vowed to only provide our customers with genuine products and campaigns that uphold high levels of quality. BE GENUINE. With vision to empower both our customers and vendors for an ultimate online buying and selling experience, their earnest way to conduct business has made it easy for many savvy enterprises and companies to extend their reach using this platform.


They believe that for a nation to rise, the quality of life of its most underprivileged has to rise; even better would be if the well-off and able ones can be involved while doing so. This creates a complete circle of awareness, community involvement and solution to a problem. They believe, this for-profit model would encapsulate the philanthropic, economic and social aspects of a society, which are essential for a society to rise and perform sustainably.

Amun Thapa | Founder & CEO of Sastodeal | Nepali Podcast – Ep – 21

Amun Thapa, also known as “Entrepreneur Juggler” of Nepal, is founder/co-founder of 4 companies in Nepal. Most famous being Sastodeal and Sastobook. He has that entrepreneurial spirit which is required to become successful entrepreneur.

He is co-founder of Irish Pub and Anthropose and also Admirer & Supporter at Khaalisisi. “Businessman and Entrepreneur are not the same term.” he says “Loan is not only the major source of capital.”

If you are just starting out than watch the podcast below where he gives a lot of tips and shares his story

Amun Thapa, founder, and CEO of Sastodeal is our guest in this podcast. He and Aashish dwell into a conversation relating to the E-commerce scenario of Nepal. They talk about the experiences that the E-commerce entrepreneurs have faced in Nepal and the things they still face. They also touch on getting investments and scaling up businesses. Amun Thapa is also a co-founder at Anthropose,, a supporter at Khalisisi and co-owner at Chhahari Production.

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