My 2 Cents Worth Perspective on Mero 2 Paisa dream

My 2 Cents Worth Perspective on Mero 2 Paisa

A young, active and enthusiast 19 year young guy has his keen interest to be the change, seek the change and make the change. Thus he finds mero2paisa as a platform for THE CHANGE.

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Madhu Sudan Dhakal

Life is actually surreal. You never know what is waiting for you around the corner. It may be surprising or actually believable, it may be pleasing or dismaying. You remain unknown about it until and unless you go out there to face it. You may be if your prediction turns out into reality. You may be disheartened by facing true reality. A big Congratulations to us for we have completed the chapter of 2075, living each and every moment of it. Be prepared for the next endeavors ahead in the form of brand new opportunities, in the year 2076.

As I was living in the year 2075, I had an opportunity. I succeed in my academics as a high school graduate, succeeded in some extracurricular activities. I got connected to people, life, struggles, failures, success, happiness, sorrows, muddles, dreams, reality and the list goes on. But above all of them, I got connected to a DREAM.

Yes, the dream was dreamt by Mr. Ashish Adhikari, founder and CEO of Red Mud Coffee and the dream is MERO2PAISA. The virtual world (INTERNET) got me connected to the DREAMER and his DREAM on 3rd December 2018 along with a bunch of 8 different people. A month went on, we all were attached to the idea and Aashish Dai’s personality and the pool of talent in the group. But while the trajectory of time completed 4 months some of them got detached with the team and the reasons were their own circumstances and personal choices. Till now I haven’t talked much about the DREAM and IDEA but now I will be sharing my perception on it.

mero 2 paisa team

The idea MERO2PAISA was sown into the mind of Aashish 6 years ago but it took time for him to turn it into a beautiful reality. The main message that he wants to portray through MERO2PAISA is sharing  Experiences, ideas, and perceptions of those who were once unheard and now have gained success through their struggles. So it inspires to create a positive impact among the present disenfranchised youth. And it gives platforms to share the stories of the unheard and the unsung heroes within our societies. It makes an ambiance for an unconventional learning platform.

Now talking about my personal experience, I was and am the part of this unconventional learning. Being a young man, I always wanted to grow and groom myself in a better way of being surrounded by experienced mindsets. Thus MERO2PAISA is that platform for me. I always had my opinions deep inside my heart but MERO2PAISA is the platform that gave power and vision to my opinions that definitely improved my oratory skills and self-confidence. I always lacked in these areas My heart doesn’t pump out anymore, I am not sweating and now I can voice my opinion and research with confidence in myself. Knowing and identifying my abilities and talents simply by listening and viewing the real-life experiences I gathered in Mero2Paisa, allowed this nerdy boy to now become A MAN with voice and opinions.

mero 2 paisa

MERO2PAISA speak of the CHANGE, POSSIBILITIES, and STRUGGLES, being a part of this IDEA gave me one more resolution for this coming year and this is that I need to find my own POSSIBILITIES and STRUGGLE to the fullest. So that समद्धिृ is brought up with a bit of effort and it inspires every other young person to make a CHANGE become a CHANGE MAKER. So with this short message an I wish you all readers a pleasing HAPPY NEW YEAR full of struggles, opportunities, and stories to gather.

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