pranav pradhan

Pranav Pradhan

Pranav is an inspiring entrepreneur and a double degree graduate in two completely different subjects. One as a business student, he is an MBA graduate and he pursued another degree in M.Sc. Design Engineering and Manufacturing Management.

Pranav is a founder and Managing Director of GREEN BAMBOO CREATION. His idea of Entrepreneurship has made him as a Environment Protectionist too as his company manufactures bamboo furniture that is eco-friendly and bio-degradable in nature.

His stories of successes, failures and life experiences are really motivating and can definitely make an impact on the youth.

We have Mr. Pranav Pradhan ( Founder/ Managing Director at Green Bamboo Creation ) as a guest in our podcast. Aashish Adhikari and Pranav Pradhan get into the conversation that revolves around entrepreneurship, leadership, and opportunities here in Nepal.

Mr. Pradhan shares his entrepreneurial experience and the opportunities. He shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey and the kind of situations he has encountered so far. He tells his views regarding what the youth needs to do in order to achieve their goals in the field of entrepreneurship. And also shows us the immense opportunity for Investment in Nepal.

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