Dibyesh Giri

Dibyesh is a Tech ENTHUSIAST, and his enthusiasm has now built him as a successful TECH ENTREPRENEUR. He is a computer science graduate who is now CEO and co-founder of a Tech company named SMART TECH SOLUTION. His core ethics to serve the society as payback for everything that made him successful to reach this height in life has also added a motive of social service in him. To add as a major attribute to his ethics and morals, he has been acknowledging many business students in different institutions and colleges as a lecturer.

We have Mr. Dibyesh Giri as a guest in our podcast. Aashish Adhikari and Dibyesh Giri get into the conversation that revolves around entrepreneurship, leadership, and opportunities here in Nepal.

Mr. Giri shares his entrepreneurial experience. He shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey and the kind of situations he has encountered so far. He tells his views regarding what the youth needs to do in order to achieve their goals in the field of entrepreneurship.

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