देशकाे माटाे , कर्तब्यबोध र उद्यम्सिलताको पाठ

mero 2 paisa

देशकाे माटाे , कर्तब्यबोध र उद्यम्सिलताको पाठ

This Video was a result of some spontaneous events that happened in late 2018. During our initiation and team building exercises we were discussing some ideas and an opportunity to travel to Birgunj arose. The objective of the travel parallel-ed the vision of Mero2Paisa and the result is in front of you.

The Ideas expressed are our common genuine feelings and are not laced with dual motives , the only motive here is to inspire you to take action from where ever you are. Please Enjoy.

Video Concept: Aashish Adhikari and Mero2Paisa Team
Video Footage: Chhitiz Bahety
Script: Madhu Sudan Dhakal

देशकाे माटाे , कर्तब्यबोध र उद्यम्सिलताको पाठ – Nepali Podcast ( Story )

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